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The economy is losing ground, companies have restructured and long-time employees are job hunting, petrol prices are skyrocketing, and many families live paycheck to paycheck. Thus, small businesspersons are challenged to compete for customers or clients. Finding a way to increase the bottom line, without selling your firstborn, is often an ulcer creating proposition. Yet, the answer may be as simple as practicing reverse marketing. So , what is reverse marketing, why does it work, and how can it improve business?

Reverse marketing is a fancy business term for putting the customer first. Back in the "good old days", treating customers as if they are always right is common practice. Today, increasing the bottom line seems more important. Thus, the consumer seems to get lost in the mad race to make a decent living, and the new way of thinking actually backfires.

In the past, small businesses have been run by the guy next door. People shopped at the market down the street, and knew the merchant by name. The customer always got personal service, and kids often got a sucker or piece of candy for being such a good sport and letting Mum and Dad conduct business. Although it was just the sociable thing to do, at the time, hometown merchants have practiced reverse marketing.

So, why does reverse marketing work , when small business owners put it into practice? In short, the application makes the customer feel more important than someone's bank account. Patrons know, if something is wrong with a product or service, the problem will be resolved or the money returned-hassle free. As a result, the customer is happy.

Reverse marketing works for one simple reason: If the customer is pleased, heshe will likely give the small business owner repeat patronage in the future. In addition, word of mouth is an excellent source of advertisement. A happy consumer will relate hisher good fortune to friends and family. The tendrils of the grapevine can reach farther than an advertising budget.

Basically, reverse marketing is simply treating the customer as the small business owner would like to be treated. Let the people who visit your establishment know how their patronage is appreciated. Be quick to resolve any issue that may transpire. Implement a hassle-free money back guarantee, if the customer is not satisfied. As a result, credibility will greatly increase, consumers will be more likely to return in the future, and word of mouth will bring in new customers or clients.

Although reverse market may seem like risky business, consider the reality. A kind word , respecting the customer, treating your customers as benefactors of success, and giving great customer service does not cost anything. Positive recommendations, by word of mouth, are also free affirmative advertising. Put the customer or client first, and watch the bottom line grow exponentially.
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