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Nowadays Wholesale Bayern Munich Jerseys , the emphasis on protecting the environment from hazardous wastes and forms of energy has increased significantly. Lead crystal batteries provide a cleaner source of energy as compared to the other types of gel and lead acid based batteries.

The typical batteries have certain drawbacks in the form of poor safety, short life cycle Wholesale Barcelona Jerseys , below the mark low temperature performance, acid pollution Wholesale Chelsea Jerseys , high rates of water loss, active material loss and plate sulfation.

Lead crystal batteries are made by utilizing the latest technology and hence help to overcome these flaws. They provide a long lasting Wholesale Atletico Madrid Jerseys , safe and environment friendly source of energy.

Main features of lead crystal batteries

Lead crystal batteries possess certain unique features. By virtue of these features they are considered to be a safe and an environment friendly solution. They also have high functionality which makes them appropriate for a number of uses. The main features of lead crystal batteries include:


Lead crystal batteries guarantee high performance. They are extremely resilient and robust. Their high performance makes them suitable for use in a number of applications. They can be deeply discharged, can be recycled easily and frequently even when temperatures are extreme and last longer as compared to other types of batteries. They possess the unique capability to recover to their full capacity time and again.

Cost effectiveness

Since lead crystal batteries charge quickly even when temperatures are sub zero and possess the unique capability of being usable in temperatures ranging between -40 to 65C Wholesale AS Roma Jerseys , they are considered to be an extremely effective source of energy. These batteries can function effectively even without cooling and ventilation and are hence considered cost effective solutions.


Lead crystal batteries use unique high absorbent mats that are micro porous. They consist of pure lead plates and solution of SiO2 electrolyte that is considered safe and on being charged or discharged solidifies into a crystalline powder which is generally white in colour.


Lead crystal batteries are considered safe and non hazardous as they contain lesser amounts of acid and are devoid of cadmium and antimony. They can effectively be recycled to 99 % of their capacity and are hence good <"http:www.leadcrystalbattery.cocnfj-stationary-lead-crystal-batteries">energy storage batteries.

Material used

Lead crystal batteries are made from glass fibre that is ultra fine and highly porous. They are made using the process of cathode absorption. They are created by synergizing various organic and inorganic substances and salts. This helps to optimize the reactions that take place between active electrode materials and electrolytes.

The reactions are responsible for improving the safety of these batteries and hence make them appropriate for installers. The electrolyte leakage in these batteries is also minimized due to the tendency of the electrolyte to crystallize on being discharged or charged. This property makes these batteries suitable for numerous applications.

Applications of lead crystal batteries

Lead crystal batteries are used in many applications. The most popular industries where they are widely used include electric motion vehicles like trolleys, golf carts Wholesale Arsenal Jerseys , E bikes and wheelchairs, transportation Wholesale AC Milan Jerseys , manufacturing, health care Wholesale Replica Soccer Jerseys , renewable energy, defence Wholesale Custom Soccer Jerseys , marine industry, petrochemicals Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys , telecom and various other sectors.

Advantages provided by lead crystal batteries

Lead crystal batteries provide a number of advantages. The main ones include:

They offer high sustainability as they are 99% recyclable.

These batteries provide a cleaner option and comply with international environment protection norms.

Crystallization reduces the risk of leakage of electrolyte.

These batteries are suitable for transportation as they are considered non hazardous.

Most batteries generally come with a considerable warranty period.

These batteries charge at a speed double to that of conventional batteries.

The discharge ability of these batteries at high currents is exceptional.

The lead crystal batteries can easily charge to their full capacity.

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